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Elena Pezzolla

I’m a Digital Marketer

“Be where the world is going.”


The Junior Woodchuck of Web Marketing

I’m Elena and I like to put the curiosity and passion that characterize me at the disposal of my colleagues and, above all, of the customer.

Since I was a young girl I have had an interest in foreign languages ​​and cultures, luck has also given me a good ease in learning sounds and grammar rules different from my mother tongue.

During and after my studies I was bewitched by the digital world and, above all, by the almost unlimited source of opportunities, for anyone, the web offers.

Growing up I am learning the value of a balanced lifestyle which is essential to be more serene and productive people, for this reason I would also like very much to be able to give my contribution using methods such as remote work .

Why “The Junior Woodchuck of Web Marketing”?

I chose to identify with this character because it embodies almost completely my values ​​and my passions, moreover:

““The hallmark of the Junior Woodchucks is their spirited dedication to environmental protection, animal welfare and international peace, as well as the preservation of knowledge and the furtherance of science & technology.”(Source)

Other characteristics are the extreme curiosity and the resourcefulness to explore unknown places (physical and otherwise), fields or sectors, informing oneself and studying (remember the famous Junior Woodchucks’ Guidebook ? 😉) so as to feel able to guide and accompany others within these uncharted terrains.

Here is my approach and what I want to do: go ahead in the field of Web Marketing, study, make mistakes and learn until I can guide and support you in this sector which for some can be difficult.

Language Skills



French- C1 Level


English – C2 Level


German- B2 Level


Areas of expertise

6 reasons why I should be chosen for the job

I am a very curious person and it is easy for me to learn new skills or use new software. I believe in continuous personal development.

I can translate content to and from Italian, English, French and German

I believe that it is a priority to produce results (tangible and not) that create value and improvement at the micro and macro level.

Not always urgent means important, not necessarily a short and apparently simple task is not important.

In a dynamic life and work environment, like the current ones, adaptability can mean success or failure.

I’ll always have a lot to learn and I like to share what I know. I borrow the quote of Michael Jordan: “Talents win matches, team play and intelligence win championships.”