/ / Humaneness

I have understood, from personal experience, that both in life and in work, the results and effects that our actions have on situations, problems and people are mainly important. The time required and the ways in which these results are obtained are important, but not as much as the final effect that is obtained.

For this reason, I believe that the Person and her/his well-being must be at the center. Without the right attention to these details, we stop being resources for those around us and we can even become a burden. To be effective as workers / entrepreneurs / consultants we must take care of ourselves, this means taking care of our physical and mental health, analyzing and understanding the ways in which we give the best of ourselves, also dedicating time to private life and … more.

I understood the need to incorporate all these aspects into my way of working and living.

Therefore my working life and beyond, revolves around these values:

  • Respect:
    • of health
    • of the person
    • of time
    • of productivity
    • of private life
  • Focus on RESULTS (how and how long it takes are secondary and should not be the main parameters in evaluating the work)
  • Human and Social Sustainability: done is better than perfect. (An entrepreneur / worker / collaborator who suddenly becomes unavailable because a victim of Burn Out or for personal problems due to not having put the well-being of the person at the center stops helping us and becomes a problem. It is in everyone’s interest take care of your own personal well-being and that of others)
  • Importance of setting limits and boundaries that separate personal and work life

Hence the peculiarities of my business approach:

  • I work almost exclusively remotely
  • I use Asynchronous Communication (mainly through email and other asynchronous tools)
  • I limit as much as possible the meetings or in any case the working moments that require the simultaneous presence of the participants in the project
  • I respect the time, productivity and privacy of myself and the people I work with
  • I organize my working day, optimizing it to perform at my best, always keeping in mind my personal well-being (for example, I read my emails twice a day and therefore you can expect my reply within a maximum of one working day)