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I have been interested in the theme of remote work since before the pandemic pushed this approach to work into the center of attention of the whole world.

Since the end of 2017, also for a series of personal events, I started reading, studying and enjoy conversations with people who had worked remotely for years. It is still one of the aspects of my work and personal life that I keep up to date, so that I can find interesting inputs and useful tips. Following and studiyng this topic since before the emergency, I was able to create a fairly broad picture (probably wider than most people), managing to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses it has, in unsuspecting times, and understand if it was an approach and a way of work that was in line with my person.

Like every approach, it has its own peculiarities and “rules” to follow as well as tools that help make it easier.

The aspects I most appreciate about remote working are::

  • focus on results
  • centrality of GOOD communication
  • asynchronous communication to respect everyone’s time and productivity

The elements that I try to keep under control (because they could lead to some negative effects) in myself and in the people I work with are::

  • sense of isolation / loneliness
  • difficulty in setting limits between work and personal life
  • hyperconnection (digital, not the truly social and positive one)

 After evaluating the pros and cons, I came to the conclusion that working remotely is the method that allows me to obtain the best results for clients, colleagues and collaborators.

This is why I work and collaborate exclusively remotely.

Photo by Matthew on Unsplash